Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Picture Post

Not enough time for a proper post, but here is a quick post with some pictures from our trip to Mayaro (southeast Trinidad) this past weekend to say goodbye to our friend, Tamoor, who is going back to London.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving again!

So, I am something of a gypsy. As my friend David pointed out, I've moved 5 times in as many months.

But this move is looking quite good. I'm staying in a guesthouse but the owners have graciously given me access to laundry and kitchen facilities while I'm here. It is downtown - I can walk to some of the bars where I lime regularly and some of the places they have fun music and poetry events. There is also hot and cold water - something I've not had anywhere I've lived so far, besides when I stayed by Mike for three days over Carnival.

The only negative is that there's no internet access there, but there are a number of WiFi hotspots around the city, so I should still be able to email fairly regularly and whatnot.

In research news:

Had a great interview last week with underground musician Collis Duranty, am lining up a few nice interviews and music events this week...and getting ready for the Fulbright midterm conference that starts the 16th. Hard to believe I've been here almost 5 months....

Pictures of the new place below!

Love to everyone...