Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving again!

So, I am something of a gypsy. As my friend David pointed out, I've moved 5 times in as many months.

But this move is looking quite good. I'm staying in a guesthouse but the owners have graciously given me access to laundry and kitchen facilities while I'm here. It is downtown - I can walk to some of the bars where I lime regularly and some of the places they have fun music and poetry events. There is also hot and cold water - something I've not had anywhere I've lived so far, besides when I stayed by Mike for three days over Carnival.

The only negative is that there's no internet access there, but there are a number of WiFi hotspots around the city, so I should still be able to email fairly regularly and whatnot.

In research news:

Had a great interview last week with underground musician Collis Duranty, am lining up a few nice interviews and music events this week...and getting ready for the Fulbright midterm conference that starts the 16th. Hard to believe I've been here almost 5 months....

Pictures of the new place below!

Love to everyone...

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