Monday, November 9, 2009

Coming soon!!

So, I'm making a short post here about exciting things that are going to be happening soon. Not so much for anyone else to read, but so I'll feel responsible to be a Good Fieldworker, take notes, etc. and then post about the goings-on once I'm done.

Tuesday: Open Mic in San Fernando (in the southern part of Trinidad).

This weekend: Huge calypso concert in Tobago (Trindad's sister island), and possibly meeting some of the folks in charge of AIDS programmes in Tobago.

Next week: Another open mic-type thing at the University of the West Indies, meant to be organized as a response to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

End of the month: Parang (Spanish string-band Christmas music) fundraiser in San Fernando for South AIDS Support.

See you guys on the other end!!

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  1. thanks for mentioning sas in your blog :) that made me happy.