Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So my trip to Tobago was kind of a bust, research-wise. One of the people I wanted to meet was actually in Trinidad over the weekend - I think we passed each other while I was on my way back to Trinidad and she was on her way back to Tobago. And the concert I've been so excited about? It got canceled. The organizer and one of the performers got up and talked and tried to explain, but really offered no great explanation for why it was canceled (and for why they didn't tell anyone until we were actually AT the venue).

Luckily, we can get our money back for the tickets.

On the other hand, I had a great time going to two of Tobago's beautiful beaches, Store Bay and Pigeon Point, both in the Crown Point area. I'll be tan for Christmas!

I also met a wonderful woman named Michelle Timothy who volunteers for Tobago Oasis, a support group for HIV-positive persons in Tobago. We had a great hour-long conversation which I hated to see end so soon. I feel sure our paths will cross again, and I am most definitely looking forward to it. Michelle also put me back in touch with some contacts I had made here when I visited in 2007, for which I am incredibly grateful. So the next week will (hopefully) be full of interviews and music!

Finally, I also just got word that my award (and the awards of all the other fabulous IU students that won Fulbrights) was mentioned on the IU faculty and staff news webpage! Lots of neat projects going on at IU...

And now for a few pictures of the beaches at Tobago. Anyone want to come visit?

Store Bay Beach, Tobago

The road to Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago

The iconic picture of the beach at Pigeon Point

Another view of Pigeon Point

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  1. How do you get any work done in a place like this!?!?!?